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Welcome to the Minu Hetk website! We offer dance lessons for the beginners and for experienced dancers. Our mission is to show how dancing can bring happiness and joyful moments to our life.

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ProAm training is a chance to get personal ”Dancing with the stars” experience. It is individual training where the dance teacher is a dance partner and teacher at the same time. It’s the fastest and most comfortable way to learn to dance.

tantsutrennnid täiskasvanutele tartus -tantsuõhtu-tantsutrenn-valss


Social dancing course is a group training, where you can learn the basic steps of social dances together with your partner. The length of one course is 8 lessons.


In a wedding dance lesson we create the right opening dance for you two and make your wedding day memorable.

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Group trainings are for people who have already learned the basic steps of the dances. Mostly these are dancers who have been to social dancing courses or individual training sessions.


Personal training for couples is an opportunity to learn to dance  with your dance partner at the write pace and suitable time.

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We can help to fill different team events or company anniversaries with performances, courses, etc.

Types of Dance we teach

Types of Dance we teach

Price List

Personal training for one and for couples (45 min)

Social dancing courses

Dance Technique


Dance Instructor

I have been a dance instructor for almost 15 years. Estonian Olympic Committee have  issued a master trainer vocation (EKR 7) in Ballroom Dance and trainer vocation (EKR 5) in persona training to me.

I have instructed young dance athletes as well as grown up recreational dancers. The highest achievement of my students is the 5th place in the World Championship.

In addition to instructing the top athletes I have always enjoyed  teaching wedding dances and grown up beginners. Being the witness of the dancers first steps and feelings of success is a pure joy I experience while watching them.


Why dancing?

Dancing is training which has an impact on the whole body. As You dance regularly You affect your body´s endurance, coordination, strength, flexibility and composition. In addition to versatile physical work affects dancing also Your mood and mind. Studies show that dancing improves  mental and physical wellness and body image of people in different age groups.

In addition, dancing reduces clinical symptoms like depression and anxiety.

It’s nice about dancing that all those good changes are side effects of thrilling dance lessons, while You concentrate on steps, music and partner.

Tantsutrennid täiskasvanutele - Ballroom-dance-course-personal-training-tartu

Customers feedback

ProAm is a lesson where mind and body are both involved. For me the ProAm training helps to reduce work stress. I feel that the physical shape I have reached through dancing is also supporting my work performance.
ProAm training
Before the first lesson we were anxious and uncertain. I really value contact with a teacher and here we reached it quickly. Dance lesson is the spot where we can spend time together, develop and take something with us for the future.
Ingvar ja Kerli
Social dancing course
We learned a gorgeous wedding dance and cooperation was excellent. Instructor was very nice and kind. We highly recommend this lesson.
Mirja ja Andres


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